SATTP has formed partnerships with:

  • Universities of Technology (UoT) in Southern Africa 
  • The approach of UoTs is different to the usual concept of a university. Qualifications and training in UoTs are practical and applied and students are educated for the ‘world of work.’  Qualifications include compulsory work experience (called ‘work-integrated learning’) during which time students spend time in industry applying the theory they have learnt in the lecture room. Upon graduation, such students ‘hit the ground running’ and are more easily employable because they have work experience, understand the world of work, and they ‘know how it works.’ UoT campuses are therefore geared for the practical and applied, with the requisite laboratories, research centres, practical workshops, etc. Academic staff at UoTs understand how the workplace functions, and are able to teach, develop and tailor-make courses suitable for commerce, industry and the skills requirements of organisations and individuals. Their research is also of a practical and applied nature

  • International universities of technology/universities of applied sciences/technical universities
  • UoTs have formed partnerships with similar institutions abroad and SATTP sources expertise from these institutions when the expertise is not available at a South Africa institution

  • Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges
  • FET Colleges (previously known as technical colleges) provide technical and practical training parallel to the high schools grades 10-12, which are of an academic nature, and then also offer courses on post-school level. However, the FET qualifications are of a practical and applied nature. FETs prepare persons as artisans, technicians and technologists. Their campuses are also equipped with the necessary laboratories and practical centres to do this type of training

  • Private Educational institutions
  • Private Education and Training providers 
  • Community organisations
  • Construction companies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Private sector research organisations
  • Public sector entities
  • Municipalities

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